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Episode 8: Who DOESN’T Love MULTI-TASKING?

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Written by jknight2660

July 14, 2021

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Episode 8

“Who LOVES Multi-Tasking???”

Do you want to know a huge secret of some of the most successful people on the planet, according to high performance coaches like Brendon Burchard and Steven Kotler?

Of course you do!

But, I have to give a fair warning… you’re going to be a little disappointed when you see what it is.

You might even get really offended!

But it will certainly disrupt your train of thought and make you reflect on:

1. your workplace habits
2. how this one key practice could improve your overall life and help you reach the goals of your dreams…

ESPECIALLY when you combine it with the habit from last week’s video (Episode 7: Disrupt Your Distractions).

Ready to see what it is?

Watch the video and find out!

PS – I know I went a little long this week, but there is more value here than I could fit into 5 minutes… so what are you waiting for??


0:00 – Opening Story
2:12 – Moral of the Story
2:29 – How to improve last week’s new habit
3:12 – Stats and Scientific Evidence
5:45 – What I’ve noticed in my own life after beginning “tech mastery” habits
6:43 – Action steps for this week


1. Microsoft study (15 minutes for email):


2. Michigan State University:


3. ADAA:



4. University of Minnesota:
Link to researcher

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