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Episode 4: Captions Are For Closers!

Thumbnail for episode 4 about how captions can improve sales instantly.

Written by jknight2660

June 9, 2021

12 / 100

Episode 4

“Captions Are For Closers”

Want to see how I cut advertising costs down by 500% for a customer?

See how in this video!

Afterwards I’ll show you two tools you can use to do the same thing in your business, one free and one premium.

Want me to do this for your business? Put some time on my calendar at https://stratsoftware.com/#calendar today!

0:00 – Intro
0:55 – Case Study – How I decreased advertising costs by about 500% for a customer using only captions
2:59 – Free tool to add captions in Facebook Ads Manager, works sometimes
4:04 – Paid tool to add captions (rev.com), affordable and works GREAT
4:48 – recap

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