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Episode 3: Why Headlines Will MAKE OR BREAK Your Sales

Week 3 thumbnail: why headlines will make or break your sales

Written by jknight2660

June 2, 2021

11 / 100

Episode 3

“Why Headlines Will MAKE OR BREAK Your Sales”

This video slows down and zooms in on ONE CRITICAL SALES ASPECT of your landing page, ad, email, postcard, or whatever it is you’re using to acquire customers.

What could this be?


Your HEADLINE will make or break you – that is, if you want to solve your customers’ problems in exchange for their money, YOU MUST HAVE AN AMAZING HEADLINE.

Want to know more?

Just watch this short video!!! The timestamps are below:

0:00 – recap of episodes 1 and 2
0:35 – Why you NEED a GREAT HEADLINE to WIN
1:20 – Live examples of a LOSING HEADLINE vs a WINNING HEADLINE
3:15 – a FREE tool you can use TODAY to GET MORE SALES
4:24 – conclusion & recap


Jim Edwards – https://thejimedwardsmethod.com/
Optin Monster – https://optinmonster.com/700-power-words-that-will-boost-your-conversions/

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