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Episode 2: Maximize Your Sales

Field of Dreams was a lie?? Find out why in this week's episode of Strategos 'Splainer videos - Maximize Your Online Sales!

Written by jknight2660

May 26, 2021

14 / 100

Episode 2

“Maximize Your Online Sales”

Want to know some simple tweaks to maximize your sales online?

I don’t care if you’re selling snow cones or life insurance – this framework I show you today works in any industry where people trade you money so you can solve their problems.

IMPORTANT: This episode builds off of last week’s (so if you haven’t watched it yet… go back and watch it BEFORE you watch this one).

I cover a lot in this video, so take notes and re-watch it… especially if you want to use these strategies successfully.

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PS – want to eliminate your DIY headaches? Then I’d love to set this up for your business. Put some time on my calendar at https://stratsoftware.com/#calendar, and let’s chat!

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