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Episode 1: Websites vs Landing Pages

A sample of a landing page for this week's episode, websites versus landing pages

Written by jknight2660

May 26, 2021

17 / 100

Episode 1

“Websites vs. Landing Pages”

Why websites are killing your sales when you drive traffic directly to it, and why you should use a landing page instead.

I break down an example of a real ad that is committing this terrible sin of digital advertising, and show how a business could get more sales by using a landing page instead.

I’m calling these videos “Strategos ‘Splainer Videos”, because if you say it with a thick East Texas accent, it sounds just like you’re saying, “explainer” 😛

Want me to set up a landing page for your business? Put some time on my calendar! https://stratsoftware.com/#calendar

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