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As of October 2021, Our primary focus has shifted from website design to GENERATING CUSTOMERS FOR HVAC CONTRACTORS ON DEMAND.

Thank you for your patience while our website catches up 🙂

About Strategos Solutions

Meet the Team

Headshot of Strategos Solutions' owner, Jonathan Knight, in a blue suit and warm lighting.

Jonathan Knight – Owner, Website Designer & Developer

     A bit about me: I am a driven individual, but I value family and relationships above all else. I have found a stellar community here in Tyler, and I do not plan on moving anywhere anytime soon. Above all else I value spending time with my family and friends from Tyler Young Professionals Network and Grace Community Church.

Jonathan Knight
Owner, Lead Developer
Likes Dislikes
Exercising People stuck on their phones in social settings!             
Playing Music
Video Games
Tinkering with Electronics
Friends and Family

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. My initial career as an engineer highlighted my deep desire to provide efficient solutions to clients. Engineers provide great tools and strategies to help businesses meet their goals, but they do not have much interaction with the customer, which I quickly realized I sincerely wanted to have. Since I was not directly helping customers write the story of their success, I lost passion for and eventually left my old job in September 2019.

     Now, the transition from full-time engineering to Strategos Solutions had some overlap. The idea for the business goes back years, so I finally formed the LLC in March 2019 as a “passion project” to pursue in my free time away from work. I began with one project for a local business which helped put Strategos in a position to hit the ground running when the opportunity arose to make Strategos a full-time endeavor.

     So, in January 2020, I shifted full-time into working on Strategos Solutions LLC, right before the global pandemic! The pandemic did not stop me from guiding my customers into the success and satisfaction with their business that they deserve. There is not much that brings me more joy than seeing someone’s face light up as their life and business improves right before their eyes, and Strategos Solutions has given me the opportunity to live that reality every day… even in the midst of a pandemic.

A headshot of Abraham Quetz, graphic designer for Strategos Solutions LLC.

Abraham Quetz – Independent Graphic Designer

We are incredibly happy to have Abraham Quetz as our independent graphic designer. Abraham is an extremely hard-working and talented creative professional.
Abraham Quetz
Independent Graphic Designer
Likes Dislikes
Playing video games Traffic
Soccer Low-speed internet!
Apple Computers
Playing with my kids!

His passion for relationships and serving others is exactly in-line with the Strategos character, and he will make sure that all of your graphic design needs are taken care of (he did the Strategos logo, so you already know that his work is top-of-the-line!). Abraham is hungry, ready to work, and ready to grow his customer base by partnering with Strategos Solutions.

In addition to digital graphic design, Abraham also specializes in corporate identity graphics, corporate and small business branding, car wraps, prints and t-shirt print designs.

In his free time, Abraham is passionate about his family and playing soccer. He is an amazing father and husband who serves his family tirelessly. You can catch him taking his kids to soccer games or playing in them himself! To contact Abraham directly, you can or email him at aquetz@gmail.com.

Now, more than ever, businesses need direction. Our expanding staff is here to serve you. We have a foundation of clients and are guiding more businesses to their goals of success every month.

     Finally, I want to thank you for the time spent reading this, because I know how valuable your time is! If you have read this far already, then you are already on your path to success. You know your business better than anyone else ever could, so you also know how important it is to invest in growth and strategy. What are you waiting for? You know what you need, and we know how to make it happen. Let’s write this story together – the story of how your business is making the world a better place.

     If you are ready to grow your business, reach a global audience, and above all, serve your community, then please, do not hesitate to reach me at 903 231 5779, or by email at jonathan@stratsoftware.com. Have a blessed day, and I hope to speak to you soon!